give your back a break. get yourself a nutharvester

The Lourdan Nut Wizard is the most effecient nut gathering tool for your grove and nut gathering needs. Our easy to use nut rollers allow you to breeze through the collection of various nuts such as hazelnuts, acorns, walnuts and more.
Available in 2 different sizes and shipped from within New Zealand - you can be nut rolling in no time! Click here to order your nutharvester today

handcranked nutcracker

The Lourdan Nut Cracker can process up to 25kg per hour with little effort.
Suitable for cracking walnuts, hazelnuts and soft shelled almonds, the cracker can be
adjusted to suit various nut sizes.

Thank you so much. It is brilliant and so simple

What a great product!  Perfect for my macadamias, with or without husks

Thanks, it’s great! Saves my knees from wearing out

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