About Lourdan Grove


Lourdan Grove became a reality when we moved from suburban Christchurch to a lifestyle block some thirty kilometres north of the city. The theory was to start reducing working in the city, build up our knowledge of the land and quietly retire to enjoy country life. Well, most of it happened this way, except one doesn’t retire to the land; the involvement in the land grows and becomes a new and different interest. And so, it was for us.

As the grove had a stand of 56 ten year old walnut trees, we became involved in the Tree Crop Association and the Walnut Industry Group where we built up our knowledge of walnuts, hazels and the nut industry in general. With our own grove we nurtured, harvested and processed the annual crop to produce walnut oil, pickled walnuts, pestos and similar products to take to the market.

It was the hands-on approach that led us to importing the NutHarvesters, firstly for our own use and then to market to other growers. Now that we are no longer on the land, we maintain our interest in the nut industry by continuing to market these and other associated devices.

Alan and Carolyn.